TPG Fibre To The Building FTTB and Home Phone

It has been a long wait for many but Paragon Apartments has finally had equipment installed and now enabled for TPG fibre to the basement which will provide up to 100Mbs download speeds. A $69.99 per month plan offers the following features;

From 50Mbps to 100Mbps Download Connection Speeds
Unlimited Data Usage
Wi-Fi Modem Included
Home Phone Included
Included Calls
Local Calls: Unlimited
National Calls: Unlimited
13/1300 Calls: Pay As You Go
Au Mobile: Pay As You Go
International Calls: 100 Minutes^^
18 Month Contract = Setup Fee $0

More information on other plans is detailed on the TPG website Fibre to the building page

The modem equipment currently being provided is a Huawei HG630. Bridging this Huawei HG630 wi-fi enabled router for use as a modem only connected to another router is possible.

The ACCC has ruled that they will not be taking any action against TPG providing FTTB services which are very competitive internet and home phone connection plans compared to NBN services. The ACCC release on TPG FTTB is over here.

Now that the equipment is turned on in Paragon Apartments, residents in the complex have the option of using either, or both, Telstra Cable where internet speeds of up to 100Mbs download and 2Mbs upload can be reached and the new TPG FTTB VDSL where download speeds can be up to 100Mbs and upload speeds of up to 40Mbs

The provision of TPG FTTB to Paragon Apartments has no restrictions on any other providers such as NBN Co installing equipment and providing the NBN to residents of Paragon Apartments in the future.

These speed tests were made on the same day within minutes of each other using providers modems in bridge mode into the exact same equipment behind these provider supplied modems. The Telstra Plan is Bigpond Cable Ultimate 200GB per month.

Unlimited data TPG FTTB