Motor Vehicle Security

In this digital age motor vehicle security is extremely affordable and the current technology delivers stunning levels of video surveillance recording while your motor vehicle is moving, or parked and unattended.

This video on You Tube of a car driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards Pyrmont for example is recorded using a low priced camera that cost only $55.00. This low priced camera is rear facing through a dark tinted window that is sloping aggressively in front of the camera. Make sure this video is viewed fullscreen in HD mode on a large screen to see the full level of detail. This small 5 minute recording was captured with this low priced camera from a moving vehicle on a cloudy day through tinted glass and is over 300 megabytes in file size. To see the full quality it needs to be downloaded and watched on a high definition screen.

The same motor vehicle to which this low priced, yet high quality camera is fitted, has a much higher quality forward facing camera installed that has a separate power pack installed which will continue to draw power from the main car battery until voltage reduces and then switches over to its own separate battery power pack for continued uninterrupted recording of up to a week or more without draining the main car battery!

Every single person, animal or motor vehicle that moves anywhere within the field of view of these cameras are recorded in full high definition quality for playback at a later time if required.

File sizes for the front facing camera are way too large to upload to this website but be assured that the clarity and definition is absolutely stunning.

At times you will be absolutely amazed at the things people will do to your parked motor vehicle when you are not present! At times the actual people doing these things is even more surprising to say the least.

There is one small drawback to all this, there will be so much high definition video recorded that even checking the recorded history taken over one single day or night while while your car is unattended can take hours because there is the potential for so much detail. People can be easily identified whenever there is any type of incident.