Investment Property

New investor lending down 42%

The latest data from ABS shows a drastic fall in the value of new investor lending, as well as lending for owner-occupier dwellings

Property values up 200% in 20 years

The housing market may be correcting, but long-term data shows that property values have increased 197% in the last two decades

What can you do when your loan is rejected?

There are a number of things you can do when the bank declines your loan application. Of course, it’s ideal to avoid being declined in the first place – so follow these top tips to put yourself in the best possible position for an approval.

Geelong propels Melbourne property market

Despite the bleak condition of the overall property market, specific areas within Melbourne are still able to contribute to the growth of the city

How much a house could cost in 25 years

A new report reveals what the median house is forecast to be in 25 years for our capital cities - and the figures are eye-watering

Big changes following Royal Commission

The long-awaited report from the banking Royal Commission has resulted in the government adopting 76 recommendations, which are set to shake up the finance and banking industry