Investment Property

Adelaide lures in more investors

Looking to invest? South Australia’s capital offers an opportunity for great returns, according to an industry professional

Big risks of buying budget properties

In the current climate where many properties have high price tags and gaining loan approval is difficult, budget properties seem to be the perfect solution for investors. However, they come with their own challenges.

RBA leaves the cash rate unchanged

While RBA has kept the cash rate unchanged since August 2016, there is a growing likelihood that the rate will move lower this year

Perth market starts to show signs of life

Perth property market results in March suggest that property values may be starting to strengthen in some areas after a long period of declines

House-price drops slow in March

Despite the pace of decline easing, the downturn in the property market appears to be spreading across the nation

New home sales track downward

New home sales across the nation have been at peak levels for a couple of years but they started falling two years ago