Investment Property

How nervous are property investors?

In times of change, investor sentiments are one of the most reliable predictors for what will happen to the markets in the year ahead.

Owning property in NSW for "free"

The NSW law that can make you a property owner without you actually having to pay for it. A wakeup call for those who have been neglecting their property

Home sizes smaller than ever

Australians are turning away from single-detached houses in favour of apartments, causing home sizes to drop to a 22-year low

CBA anticipates lower home prices

Based on its four major indicators, the Big 4 bank has determined that home prices are likely to continue falling over the next six months

Negative gearing changes could "cause recession"

Industry professional Todd Hunter warns that the Labor party's proposed negative gearing changes will "affect everybody, from low income earners right through to the wealthy"

Credit crunch obstructs market

HIA highlights that the credit squeeze is becoming a hurdle not only to investments but also to Australia's home starts

What are property investors thinking?

Investor sentiment today will affect the property markets of tomorrow. Imagine if you knew what other property investors were thinking...

Gold Coast lures apartment buyers

A new report shows that apartment sales remained stable during the third quarter, but the Gold Coast stood out after generating stronger sales than other cities

Easing landlords' worries

An industry professional discusses how landlords can rise above one of the biggest risks to a rental property: water damage