Investment Property

New home sales rebound

HIA reports that house sales in Australia increased in November, ending the residential building industry's year on a positive note

Investment hits and misses

CoreLogic reveals the regions that recorded the largest value growths and biggest declines throughout the previous year

A "Christmas ode" to your tenants

Landlords must take responsibility for reminding tenants about community by-laws on Christmas decorations

How to boost your rental return by 56%

When property investors Tanya and Craig took on the challenge of transforming a dark, cramped and floorless 1920s kitchen into a bright, airy and functional space, they jumped in head first – and bumped up their rental income by more than 50%.

House prices hit a 7-year low

REIA's recent study shows that prices of both houses and other dwellings across the nation drastically fell over the September quarter

Upside to current market conditions

Now is the time for those who are serious about property, are cashed up and are thoroughly prepared to get into the game.

How many property's do investors own?

A new study has revealed the average number of investment properties currently held by individual Australian property investors.

What property investors will be doing in 2019

More than half the respondents of a recent survey believe now is a good time to invest despite the fact that the vast majority of respondents (84%) believe that property prices will fall or remain flat over the next year.

Cash rate cut predicted for next year

While nearly all market economists currently predict that RBA's next decision on the cash rate will be a hike, the vast majority do not believe it will happen until 2020 at the earliest.