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RBA to cut rates again?

The central bank says it would cut interest rates again “if needed”, a decision that might support the weakened economy

The power of positive gearing

In this new episode of YIP Talk podcast, we chat with Ed Chan, director of Chan & Naylor, about positive gearing – and how investors can use this strategy to get ahead financially.

Beware of spruikers—PIPA

The association warns buyers of the risks of property investment spruikers, as interest rates hit record lows

Brisbane predicted to boom by 20%

Queensland's capital city is set for a rise in property values over the next three years, according to a new forecast

APRA demands banks minimise risks

The regulatory authority has written to three major banks requiring them to make additional capital requirements, in an effort to strengthen their risk management

Low investment levels create havoc

The recent drop in property investor activity is leading to losses around the country not seen since the global financial crisis

Stamp duty jeopardises states

State governments’ reliance on stamp duty revenue makes them susceptible to more downturns, an industry body says

Properties sold at a loss skyrocket

The number of properties sold much lower than buyers paid for them increased during the first quarter of the year, new data says