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Housing values "may have found a floor"

National housing values remained essentially flat in July, with five of eight capitals recording slight price growth, CoreLogic reports

Perth leasing activity rises

Fifty-four percent of suburbs in the capital city experienced an increase in leasing activity in July, with five suburbs seeing triple-digit growth

Sydney unit market improving?

Market sentiment in the Sydney apartment market somewhat improved, but conditions may remain subdued for some time

Tax talk: renovations versus repairs

Knowing which costs are immediately claimable from a tax perspective, and which ones are not, can make all the difference when preparing your reno budget.

Property markets set to bottom out?

The property downturn in Sydney and Melbourne is set to end, while their regional areas are already rising, new research suggests

Major property developer collapses

One of the country’s biggest developers, Ralan, has collapsed, owing around $500m to creditors including Westpac

Commercial market sentiment low

The commercial market’s decline has begun, with investment sentiment remaining “close to zero” for the third consecutive quarter, according to a new survey

Borrowers snub major banks

Borrowers have turned away from the Big Four banks, preferring small lenders with competitive rates, new data shows

Westpac chief calls for stamp duty abolishment

The major bank’s chief executive urges governments to replace stamp duty with a broad-based land tax that could allow more buyers to enter the property market

Building Defects: What Does It Mean For Property Investors?

Recent news headlines have become inundated with the next structure to be evacuated due to construction defects. But as the building moves downwards, and a handful of homeowners’ and investors’ futures hang on the cusp, how can we learn from these situations and protect ourselves when it comes to investing in a high-rise?

Home sales climb in June quarter

Home sales in the June quarter increased by 0.8%, representing the first quarterly improvement since December 2017, HIA reports

Melbourne suburbs with rising values

Melbourne’s outer suburbs show the biggest rise in house values, with Warburton experiencing 16% growth, according to new data

Building commencements to further slump

The continued contraction in building commencements will outpace the growth in non-residential building activity over the next 12 months, reports BIS Oxford Economics

High costs threaten tenants

Tenants spend 20% of their income on costs associated with renting, compared to only 16% of owners with a mortgage, new research says

Perth unit market up 10%

Rental listings in the capital city are up 10%, with median weekly rent values climbing to $330

Returns drop into negative territory

Total housing returns experience a 3.3% drop for the 2018-2019 financial year, with lowered values and weakened rental yields causing the decline