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Royal commission's "significant" final report

The final report, to be released tonight, may trigger consequences that will be "significant", with the Prime Minister cautioning that "the oil that lubricates our financial system, which is access to credit, [must] continue to flow"

CPI grows by 0.5% —ABS

The Consumer Price Index rose on a quarterly and yearly basis, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics

Regional WA posts rosy quarterly results

A new report indicates overall positive performance for Regional WA's median house price, together with an encouraging outlook for its sales activity

ATO chases holiday rent losses

The Australian Tax Office aims to reclaim more than $1 billion in losses from the wrongful claiming of personal deductions

High-end properties suffer biggest losses

Australia’s most expensive properties – those worth $1.1m or more – have logged the biggest price decline over the last 12 months, down almost 10% for the year

Profiling an average renter

An average renter's age, income, preferred location to live, and other important details were revealed in a recent survey